How to order

Thank you for your interest in one or some of our releases.

Most of our releases are downloadable for free. Enjoy!

For releases that cost a little money, please write us at contactkloster@gmail.com

Thank you!

Here is a list of our releases and prices:

WR022: Happy Dagger – Bittarheden : Free downloadable release

WR021: Suburb Shank – Sickness : Free downloadable release

WR020: Claus Haxholm – Tidens aftryk : Free downloadable release

WR019: CURRENT 93 – PASSENGER “ALEPH” IN NAME : Free downloadable release

WR018: Pranksters Jet – Accept Denied : Free downloadable release

WR017: Drain Crystals – Shadow Songs : Free downloadable release

WR016: c.haxholm – Oak of Golden Dreams / Young Mountain : Free downloadable release

WR015: A Doll’s House – The Entire Collection of Lost Memories : 100 DKK (including shipping to addresses in Denmark)

WR014: POPMAK – Highway of Love : Free downloadable release

WR013: Kloster – The Waves and Winds Still Know His Voice : 100 DKK

WR012: Mechanical Bird – Daughter of the Wind : SOLD OUT! (buy it digitally here)

WR011: Sus & Carsten – Sange fra vrimmelen : Free downloadable release

WR010: Merry Christmas – a Christmas single performed by Kloster : Free downloadable release

WR009: Kloster – NORGE PÅ LANGS EP : Free downloadable release

WR008: Kloster – Live in Kristiansand : SOLD OUT!

WR007: Ecce ancilla Domini vs. Kloster – Stillat min själ : SOLD OUT!

WR006: Do Not Be Afraid performed by Kloster : 75 DKK (also available on 180g vinyl for 100 DKK)

WR005: Sacre-Coeur Rokz! : SOLD OUT!

WR004: Coastal Research – ideas, drafts and sketches recorded by Kloster : 50 DKK

WR003: Mount Eerie – Live in Copenhagen (3xLP) : SOLD OUT! Buy the 2nd pressing from www.burnttoastvinyl.com

WR002: Campsite – All the Time : SOLD OUT!

WR001: Friendly Sessions as performed by Kloster : 75 DKK