WR006: Do Not Be Afraid performed by Kloster


WR006: Do Not Be Afraid performed by Kloster


Third album by Kloster. This time Mikael Rahbæk Andreasen had as many as 16 people visiting his home studio over the summer of 2007 to help create this third album. The album points in many directions and presents lovely vocals galore and a bigger instrumental and musical variety than on earlier releases. The songs are songs of regret and despair, but also songs of joy and hope. Mastered by legendary KRAMER. Released in 2008.

01: Maranatha // 02: I Do Accept To Be Killed And You To Live In Me // 03: What Wondrous Love is This? // 04: My Heart = Your House // 05: How Many Days Until I Will Meet You? // 06: Abide In Me // 07: Confusion Comes Clarity // 08: And Now That My Voice Cracks With Regret // 09: Dear God, Bring Me Your… // 10: Please Take This Cup From Me // 11: New Creation // 12: Try To Get Some Rest, My Love

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CD: 75 DKK (also available on 180g vinyl for 100 DKK) + shipping