WR016: c.haxholm – Oak of Golden Dreams / Young Mountain


WR016: c.haxholm – Oak of Golden Dreams / Young Mountain

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Claus Haxholm is a Copenhagen based artist studying at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Not limiting himself to a single artistic field, he finds himself occupied with sculptures, texts, performance and music. As a musician, he has put out a great number of releases on a wide range of labels such as Rural Faune, BSBTA, Ark Tarp Records, D’Artagnan Records, Cloud Valley, Peyote Tapes, Stunned Records, many more, and now also on Washington Inc Records. Mostly moving within the areas of experimental sound, noise and drone, Claus Haxholm has been a big part of the local milieu of the Danish noise-scene the last few years. This present release focuses on two warm minimal synth drone pieces composed in 2010 and 2011.