WR015: A Doll’s House – The Entire Collection of Lost Memories


WR015: A Doll’s House – The Entire Collection of Lost Memories


Michael Mortensen spent two years in a basement in Århus, Denmark, to record this small masterpiece of an album. After having finished the recording process, he made three copies to give to a few close friends and then he destroyed the hard disc with all the recordings. The decision to destroy one’s own work like that might be difficult to understand. However, we’re just happy that we were lucky to hear one of those three copies made. After a few years of emailing back and forth between the Eastern and Western part of Denmark, we are now proud to present what we think is one of the best albums made in Denmark in a very long time. This resurrected album released in just 100 numbered copies comes in a small round metal box. Order your copy before they’re gone.

01: The Washback // 02: Material for a Short Film in Black and White // 03: Lighting Fuse // 04: Ten Tons in a Paper Box // 05: Foil Stars on Strings // 06: A Mystery in the Mirror // 07: The Stuff Dreams are Made of // 08: Oblivious // 09: Black Crows // 10: Tales as Tall as the Sky // 11: The Skin of a Sheep // 12: Searchlights // 13: Half Buried in the Sand

Reviews: Transmission 4/6 / Undertoner 5/6

CDR: 100 Danish kroner (including shipping to addresses in Denmark)