The band Flying Saucer Attack once wrote "Home recording is re-inventing music". Mikael R Andreasen and his project "Kloster" (the Danish word for ”abbey” or ”monastery”) appear to be cementing that claim. Based out of his home studio "Blitzkrieg", Mikael spends his time creating musical thoughts with the help of friends who drop by. The atmosphere is relaxed, the music being something that brings people together in a creative expression. Self-taught and with a curious mind the songs are based around an idea of cheery exploration, a collage of ideas added to by people who pass through with their own offerings. The songs circle around spiritual matters and tend to focus on vocal melodies wrapped in beautiful chords and tones. Mikael's original idea behind the music was to shy away from the live stage and veer more towards creating pleasant music in his home, to give it that warm, welcoming tone, but lately Kloster has been performing here and there in various forms. Listen to songs by Kloster here.

Interview with Mikael R Andreasen here.

Read a Danish article about Kloster here.


Kloster participants so far:

Solrun Stig-Bjørnø, Sarah Hepburn, Jan Erik Stig, Ruben Riisager, Jan Johansen, Maria Lundbak Hinge, Ben Sand, Steven Stewart, Rakel Maria Rahbæk, Tobias Stern Johansen, Anne-Therese Hagen, Maria la Cour Forum, Helge Sloth Rasmussen, Gitte Wung-Sung, Tanja Strøier Welan, Charlotte Chercka, Cæcilie Jessen, Jakob Brixen, Emil Nikolaisen, Sylvia Nissen, Jonas Haahr Petersen, Haakon Gilje Aarseth, Lloyd Osestad, Carl Eriksen, Irene Svozilik, Jørgen Rahbæk Andreasen, Rebekka Maria Andersson, Christel Voldby Winther, Christian Stig-Bjørnø, Christina Steen, Rasmus Elm Rasmussen, Lea Wellejus, Andreas Brixen, Mikkel Elzer, David Vejen Blomqvist, Magnus Majmon Olsen, Nikolaj Paakjær, Christian Møller Blæhr, Jonas Munk, Filip Ring, Simon Walsøe, Jeppe Brixvold, and Mikael R Andreasen.