WR001: Friendly Sessions as performed by Kloster


WR001: Friendly Sessions as performed by Kloster

WR001: Friendly Sessions

Debut album by and the birth of Kloster. In 1999, Mikael R Andreasen bought a Yamaha 4-track mini disc recorder. Along with some of his closest friends, he started recording drafts for a bunch of fragile songs. They were not meant to be released in the first place, but served more as a way to learn something about how to record stuff – which was a whole new world to him at that time. However, he played the drafts for some people who liked it enough to talk him into making it a proper release. He told us that he is not completely satisfied with this release, but that it does contain a certain friendly charm. It is a document in sound that portrays a circle of friends having a good time together. Released in 2001.

01: I Let You In And It’s So Cool // 02: Come Around // 03: From Your Best Friend // 04: Scenic Variety // 05: Like Letters // 06: Fire In The Hole // 07: Sekvens // 08: Glasgow // 09: Coral Passengers // 10: Domestique // 11: Jubilee

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