WR008: Kloster – Live in Kristiansand


WR008: Kloster – Live in Kristiansand

a selection of own and other people’s songs


When the last grasps of summer were quickly fading and fall was preparing its arrival, Mikael R Andreasen joined forces with long time friend and Kloster participant, Solrun Stig, and boarded a plane to Kristiansand in Norway. Armed only with an acoustic guitar, a tambourine, a glockenspiel, a melodica, and their voices, they were heading north to bring the good people of Norway a session of sparse and fragile songs to warm their hearts before the coldness of fall and winter would take over. Their session included both old and new songs by Kloster (some of which had yet to be properly recorded in a studio for future releases) as well as a traditional and some cover songs. It was all put to tape by Rolf Gunnar Augland and this is your chance to experience Kloster in a live setting which is quite different from what we have heard on earlier studio recorded albums. Only 166 copies have been made. 66 of them come in an exclusive 5 1/4″ floppy disc packaging. Once they’re gone, they’re gone! Released 2008.

01: When You Ask Me To Sing // 02: Confusion Comes Clarity // 03: Sound The Shofar // 04: Silencium // 05: How Many Days Until I Will Meet You? // 06: Idumea // 07: I’ll Be Glad // 08: I Know Why // 09: Morning Song // 10: Shepherd Song // 11 Try To Get Some Rest, My Love // 12: Fra Himlen Herrens Ånd Nedfór // 13: Peace Peace Peace


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