Exhibition08: “Hasmark” – photos by Lene Hjorslev Christensen


Exhibition08: “Hasmark” – photos by Lene Hjorslev Christensen

Mikael R Andreasen on Exhibition08:

I hardly know Lene. She is a friend of a friend, but I have her on my list of friends on facebook. One day, I noticed that Lene had posted some photos on her facebook profile. I have no idea if she is a frequent photographer, but I looked through her posted photos and they did something to me. Photos taken at dusk often have a natural tendency to draw you into them, but these photos did something more to me than that. I am not sure how to put this into words, but I immediately felt very much at home in these photos. And that is about as specific as I can get on this matter. I hope you like these photos almost as much as I do.

Lene Hjorslev Christensen on Exhibition08:

I took these pictures on an evening in June 2010 outside my dad’s cottage in Hasmark, Denmark. I grew up about 7 km from there, and I have gone to that place every summer since I was a child. It’s like a second home and it has some sort of therapeutic effect on me. Whatever struggles I might go through, they all seem to vanish when I go there. I love this place and I love God for creating such a beautiful and calm nature.