Exhibition05: A Christmas Fable by Mechanical Bird


Exhibition05: A Christmas Fable by Mechanical Bird

Mikael R Andreasen on Exhibition05:

“My close friend, Jakob Brixen (who is “Mechanical Bird”), asked me if he could borrow my Blitzkrieg studio to finish mixing his “4 Christmas Fables” EP. I assisted him with a few suggestions during the mixing process and I ended up liking the outcome so much that I asked Jakob if he would expose one of the songs from the EP at The Gallery. Not only did he give us a song for The Gallery, but he also gave us (and you) a download link for the whole EP. So go ahead and get it for free. Merry Christmas!”

Jakob Brixen on Exhibition05:

“For most of my life I have felt a strong aversion to Christmas songs. This probably dates back to the Christmas where I received my very first CD. It was a Christmas album with carols sung by a British boy choir accompagnied by organ and flute and it didn’t quite fit the taste of a grunge loving 12-year old kid.
My dislike in the genre gradually changed during the last three Christmasses or so when artists like Sufjan Stevens and Low convinced me that Christmas music could be more than cheasy popsongs, boy choirs, and flute. So this year when the snow started falling in November, I was inspired to give the genre a try myself. This resulted in four little songs containing all the best of the season: snow, bells, Christmas trees, winter depression, angels, three wise men, baby Jesus, singing saws, and my own little boy choir. Feel free to download the songs here. I wish you all a merry Christmas and hope you enjoy the music.”

Snow, Snow, Snow