Exhibition04: Lomo pictures by Ben Sand


Exhibition04: Lomo pictures by Ben Sand

Mikael R Andreasen on Exhibition04:

“In the late 1990’s some friends and I got hooked on taking Lomo pictures. Everywhere we went, we carried our crappy Russian cameras with us. Ready to fire them at anything random. Hoping to catch a moment of serene beauty. Ben Sand was by far the most talented of us and no wonder that his pictures have since been published in books, used by bands for cd and vinyl artwork, and presented at exhibitions in both Europe and Asia. I invited him to make an exhibition for The Gallery where he had to choose and present his own personal top 10. These following ten pictures are what he gave us.”

Ben Sand on Exhibition04:

“Colours and contrasts have always appealed to me. Not only the composition of a shot but also the feeling a photograph can give you. Something in the texture or the shadows, the mood. That’s what I have attempted to capture with my trusty Lomo Lc-a all these years. The extreme colours come from using slide film and cross processing it. Not from photoshop. Something I actively avoid at all costs. So, here are ten of my favourite shots. Random and spanning continents. Enjoy.”