Exhibition02: Music video by Katrine Johansen


Exhibition02: Music video by Katrine Johansen

Mikael R Andreasen on Exhibition02:

“In December 2007, I challenged my friend and visual artist, Katrine Johansen, to make a music video for the Kloster song “My Heart = Your House”. I gave her no restrictions or guidelines of any kind, I just sent her the song. I am quite satisfied with the result. Check out the You Tube link and see for yourself.”

Katrine Johansen on Exhibition02:

“When Mikael asked me to do a video to ‘My Heart = Your House’ and I listened to it the first time, the loneliness and unsettledness stood out to me. I wanted to express the familiar restless search for a home – and the surprising experience of being found, while searching.
This little character came up – with no more characteristics than being searching for something.The story is sort of unclear, but my main purpose was to create an atmosphere and to express a feeling. I stripped away the details of the surroundings and made it sort of like a maze to emphasize the alienation in the character. I’ll stop the explanations here and let you think for yourselves.
Because of the stopmotion, I had to work in a dark place; therefore I sat in a basement at my school all alone the most of January 2008. I actually sat in a big room as empty and concrety as the city in the video and I think my own isolation may have added something to the process..
Most of the video is analogue, except for the heart, which is a digital animation being projected on the character and on the house.
I hope you enjoy it!”